FaceApp: Face-Morphing App Realistically Modifies And Alters Photo

FaceApp is an app that uses a neutral filter to alter facial expressions. This fun photo-editing app is now available to download on iOS through the App Store and Android via Google Play Store.


FaceApp uses a machine-learning method in altering the photo. The technique has a super-resolution with photo-realistic tasks in conventional algorithms. The app has on simple factors like posture, skin color, the shape of the eyes and lips and original photo quality. It also supports mind-blowing collages.

According to Mashable, the editing app has a gender-bending feature, which can make female selfies to male and vice versa. The edited photos are uploaded to FaceApp's server for processing. FaceApp uses an AI open source libraries, such as Google's Tensorflow, which took eight months to complete the first version of the editing app.

Wireless Lab developed the photo-editing app from Saint-Petersburg in Russia. The CEO, Yaroslav Goncharov, revealed that the app achieved the top spot on the free list in six territories and across nine countries. The app can be downloaded for free, with ads. It was initially available on iOS and was launched later on for Android Devices running Android 4.4 KitKat and up.

FaceApp; Similar To Prisma, Different From Snapchat Filters

FaceApp is well-designed for a realistic face morphing, which uses neutral networks to edit images similar to Prisma. However, it offers bending reality feature by adding a smile, applying "hotness" filter, or changing gender. It can also make the face look older or a bit younger.

FaceApp adds artistic filters in the method of famous paintings, while Prisma produces fantastic and superficial art pieces, as reported by The Verge. Unlike Snapchat, FaceApp can blend in facial features, which can change a frown face into a smiling one. It can also alter mood and person's aura like putting a closed mouth to a toothy smile.


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