For Honor Character Guide: Dominating With Peacekeeper For Beginners

If players are still pondering over which character to use in For Honor, and generally like swift assassin-like characters, or love Assassin's Creed so much, then why not try the Peacekeeper? Unnaturally wily and nimble, and although a challenging character to master right off the bat, the Peacekeeper is deadly in her sword dances as she is graceful. Here are some tips on how to master this sprightly queen.

She Is A Keeper, Peacekeeper

Before anyone can master Peacekeeper, it's important to get to know her and her moves. Although she is fast and a quite a difficult opponent to pin down, she has a short range and weak defense which makes her rely heavily on opponent's reaction time. Most class in For Honor can block in any direction for an infinite amount but the Peacekeeper will drop hers after a couple of seconds and will require hitting the right analog stick to block again. So when blocking with the Peacekeeper, timing is the key.

Peacekeepers can actually deflect attacks and this is a great tool to utilize to compensate for the cool down in the blocking. After a successful Deflect, they are immediately guaranteed a follow-up in For Honor. Opponents can't also tell which direction she'll be attacking from after the block when she returns to a neutral stance. Most of the Peacekeeper's attack also causes a bleeding effect to their opponents and one good strategy is to move away if you've drained the opponent's life completely and the bleeding status is in effect.

Violently Keeping The Peace

Sidestep Strike is definitely one of her coolest and most useful tools. It can dodge any attack then follow it up with a light attack for the bleeding effect or any other attack options she has like Guardbreak. To master the Peacekeeper, practice her Block, Deflect, and Sidestep Strike timing. Although she is generally an offensive character, her defense is weaker than most characters in For Honor. If you can't block, deflect or dodge your opponent's attacks, then you're basically a squishy marshmallow.

Once players have mastered the Peacekeeper's defenses and timing to a tee, mastering her offense is easier since her grabs and stabs are powerful. Along with that annoying bleeding effect, draining the life of opponents will go smoother once a player found combos and attacks that fit the situation. A very important thing to remember when attacking is to don't get greedy, otherwise vulnerability increases.

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