Tinder's Sean Rad: AI And Tinder Will Change How People Will Date

On an interview, Sean Rad, Founder and Chairman of Tinder, discussed about the future of the popular dating app and mentioned the possibility of Artificial Intelligence (AI) being incorporated to Tinder. He also mentioned on how it will play a major role in how people find dates through Tinder in the future or possibly even the dating game itself.

Tinder With Its Own AI Assistant

He first describes how people will just open Tinder and just talk to their device and will automatically get an answer. According to him, the problem in using Tinder is that many people, such as himself, do not have much time to do a lot of navigating to search for that "partner" or someone they would likely be interested in. This in turn does not give people (including himself) too many options to choose from.

With AI, it is going to help its users rather spend less time in navigating through all those profiles. Instead, with the "Tinder Assistant," it will start focusing on quality and give its users direct answers.

In his vision of what the Tinder Assistant could be capable of doing, he sees it as something that will be so good in predicting what people want, specifically on what a Tinder user is looking and interested in for a potential partner of date. It will be so smart that if there is a person nearby a user's place or city, it will inform the user. It will also do things like tell users if they have things in common or common friends and even set users on a date.

In The Time Being...

As of now, Sean Rad is just swiping and chatting in order to sort of get to a quality moment where he could go out and have a wonderful date. He also believes that AI is going to happen across every app, and that it is going to be fueled by input interfaces like augmented reality.

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