Obesity Miracle Cure Developed From Seaweeds

Obese people can now loss the extra pounds with the help of seaweeds which is hailed today as an obesity miracle cure. Indian marine scientists have developed a remedy for obesity from seaweeds. It is 100 percent natural, a rare gem in today's synthetic-filled drug industry.

A government-controlled marine research institute in India recently shared information of a natural remedy for treating obesity and dyslipidemia. The product is called CadalminTM Antihypercholesterolemic extract (CadalminTM ACe). It is the only one "made by 100 percent natural marine bioactive ingredients from seaweeds," according to Scientists at the Kochi headquartered Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI).

Scientists developed the obesity miracle cure from the extract of seaweeds commonly available in the country’s seas. Dr Kajal Chakraborty, senior scientist who developed the product, explained that bioactive medicinal ingredients from the seaweeds were used to prepare the product. He added that CadalminTM Antihypercholesterolemic extract can be administered to obese patients to regulate symptoms that lead to dyslipidemia or obesity, the New Indian Express reports.

In the US, more than one third of adults are considered obese. Obesity is also strongly linked with heart diseases, diabetes, and other metabolic disorders. A lot people struggle with the problem since it is not easily remedied with diet and exercise.

Specifically, the product regulates the total adipose tissue and visceral fat, triglycerides, cholesterol, both good and bad, known as HDL and LDL. The extract is formulated to contain 100 percent natural marine bioactive ingredients from selected seaweeds. According to Dr Chakraborty, it is available in 400 mg capsules, The Asian Age reports.

All-natural and tested, Dr P Vijayagopal, head of the research division, said that the product does not have any side effects as shown in the preclinical trials. Packed in capsules, the product has been developed to meet the dietary needs of the large vegetarian population in India and abroad. The seaweed extract found in the obesity miracle cure has a promising consumer appeal and market potential nationally and abroad, with the product already winning an out-license to a pharmaceutical company.

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