Blackberry And Nokia Duke It Out Over Patent Infringement Accusations

The battle of the once proud and mighty has begun. Blueberry is taking Nokia to court with accusations of patent infringement. Blackberry is suing Nokia for infringing some of the former's patented technology. The suit, which was filed with a federal court in Wilmington, DE last Feb. 14, implies that the Finnish company used 11 Blackberry patents on a number of Nokia devices. Among the Nokia products and features supposedly stolen from existing Blackberry patents were the Flexi Multiradio base stations, Liquid Radio software, and radio network controllers. Blackberry argued that these products use technology covered by Blackberry patents. According to reports, the suit also mentioned that Nokia offered these products to telecom networks in the United States such as AT&T and T-Mobile.

According to Bloomberg, the Canada-based Blackberry stressed that it has no intentions of prohibiting Nokia from using its patents as the technologies are already the standard being used by the industry anyway. It does, however, want to be compensated for its troubles. Blackberry is demanding royalties for the inventions.

Blackberry and Nokia once battled it out in the mobile phone market as two of the top brands during their prime. Both, however, eventually lost the war to Apple and its iPhone and other smartphones that followed its lead. While the glory days of both phone manufacturers seem to be in the distant past, that didn't stop them from battling it out once more, this time in court. This is also not the first time that Nokia has been involved in patent infringement. Nokia was the one who filed a lawsuit against Apple for infringement of 32 patents.

The two iconic brands are expected to release new smartphones in the coming days which will make the rivalry between the two even more interesting. The Nokia P1 and Blackberry Mercury are expected to be launched at the Mobile World Congress this coming Feb. 25 in Barcelona, Spain.

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