Resident Evil 7 Daughters DLC Guide: How To Get True And Bad Endings

Yesterday, Capcom officially released the second batch of DLC for their new horror-survival game Resident Evil 7. Meanwhile, it was previously reported that the brand new DLC arrives with three new ordeals that players will tackle. One of these is called Daughters.

According to the report from The Bitbag, the Daughters ordeal shows the events prior to the Baker Family's demise. Apparently, it features two different endings, the True ending and the Bad ending, which depends on the action a player takes.

Based on the report, in order to get the Bad Ending, players will first need to head to the laundry room and collect the Change of Clothes above the bench then give it to the girl in the Kid's Room upstairs. Once finished, look for Lucas in the Dining Area and look for Marguerite inside the bathroom after finding Lucas.

Players will then head to the garage and get the rope and go back to the bathroom and find Marguerite and Jack. Next is to head to the Recreation Room securing the door with the rope. Go to the room and look for a fork in order to take out the nails in the boarded-up window. Get off through the window where there will be a board at the end that could be removed.

Sneak past Marguerite through the door in the Main Hall then unlock the double doors going through the main house. Grab the car key and go past the Laundry Room then go inside the Crawl Space sneak past the Kitchen and Jack. Finally, interact with the car and see the bad ending.

Meanwhile, gaining access to the True ending will need players to grab the loot pick in the pantry. Next is to collect the Change of Clothes then go to the bathroom and get the Small Compartment inside the drawer. Use the collected Small Compartment to the trophy in the Kid's Room upstairs. Go to the attic and interact with the Laptop, which comes with password 1019. Repeat the steps from the bad ending until the veranda. In there, players should find a small gap where they should squeeze themselves through to collect the Dog Head Relief.

Next, head past the Main Hall opening the front Door using the Dog Head Relief. Finally, go to the trailer and interact with the item Mia is holding. Once done, Resident Evil 7 true ending should play.


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