Fire Emblem Heroes: How To Counter Takumi

The recently released Nintendo mobile app, Fire Emblem Heroes, has been well received by the fans since its worldwide launch on February 2nd of this year. The free-to-play tactical RPG offers a myriad of fun and excitement to both casual and hardcore gamers. But just like any other newly released games, Fire Emblem Heroes is also facing issues with character balancing - and one of the most dominating heroes in the arena, Takumi, is driving the community on fire.

Fire Emblem Heroes: Takumi

Takumi is a colorless infantry that uses a bow. Being colorless means that the unit is not subjected to color weaknesses and the bow ideally gives him the ability to be well surrounded and highly versatile. He is considered by many as the best attacking unit in the game and can fit-in in almost all compositions. For those that didn't know, Swords (red) best Axes( green) but are also bested by Lances (Blue).

The rock-paper-scissors system offers myriad of strategies to the game and also adds more depth and complexity to the now-saturated tactical RPGS. The problem, however, is that just like any other games, Fire Emblem Heroes is also subject to character balancing issues. And one of the best examples is non-other than Takumi.

Takumi, by nature, has no direct counter since the hero is colorless. Furthermore, he has the ability called Close Counter which enables him to counter attack any unit regardless of the distance of the attacker. What this means is that even if, for example, a swordsman manages to close the gap between the hero, that unit needs to out damage Takumi first - which is basically hard for any mediocre units thanks to Takumi's insane stats.

Lastly, players can simply augment Takumi's main weakness, which is close-quarter combat by using units that can move him out of position such as Fae. This makes him even more deadly in the battlefield. And so the question now is, how does one counter Takumi?

How To Counter Takumi

Well, a lot of top tiered players are working around team compositions that can lock down Takumi and most of his prominent team compositions. One of the ideal counters for Takumi is Robin and Kagero. Robin is good at picking off Takumi if he gets the advantage. Meanwhile, Kagero has been making rounds in the top-tier arena for being a great counter for teams running with Takumi.

But at the end of the day, a lot of players are finding success when running Takumi in their team. The unit simply has incredible stats and has very few hard counters. As of the moment, players either would want to have Takumi in their teams or wait until a new unit that can effectively counter him would be added into the game. As for balance changes, neither Intelligent Systems nor Nintendo is planning on doing so anytime soon.

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