Xiaomi Sold 3 Millions Units Of Redmi 3S In Six months

Although Chinese giant Xiaomi is having a delicate situation after losing its top position among the China´s smartphone makers and not making the major leap to the global market, its popularity keeps being indisputable, given the fact that this is a brand that represent a huge hit in every single country where it exists. One of the greater exemplifications of this fact occurred recently, after it was known that 2 million units of its smartphone Redmi 3S were sold in India in just six month.

The Redmi 3S Helped Xiaomi To Reach The Top Position In The Online Market

Apparently, this actually includes the Redmi 3S, Redmi 3S Prime and the Redmi 3S+, which is the offline exclusive version. Naturally, this is something quite outstanding for the company even when this kind of achievements has already been made in previous times, given the fact that this mobile device is on the budget range line of Xiaomi.

In fact, the success of the Redmi 3S has been so important for the company that it has reached the top position in the online market in last year´s fourth quarter. Although Xiaomi has a lot of competition in the Indian market, this success is extremely important for the company right now, considering that making a huge hit in this market is really beneficial in a time in which it main competitors in China are taking the global leap.

Xiaomi Is One Of The Most Popular Smartphone Brand In The Indian Market

Considering that Xiaomi just entered into the Indian market back in 2014, the Redmi 3S´s success clearly represents the way in which the company has managed to become one of the most important smartphone brands in the world, to the point in which it has been nicknamed as the China´s Apple.

Also, the Redmi 3S´s success helped Xiomi to capture 10.7 percent of India´s smartphone market in quarter with an incredible 15.3 percent quarter-on-.quarter growth, which makes this company as one of the most powerful tech companies in this nation. Considering that this outstanding hit happened with the Redmi 3S, is expected that the Redmi Note 4 ends up increasing Xiaomi´s relevance in this important market.

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