Scarlett Johansson Talks About Parenthood, Monogamy, And Her Role In 'Ghost In The Shell'

Famous actress Scarlett Johansson has recently graced Playboy with an interview. She has talked about a lot of things but mainly on being a parent and her take on monogamous relationships. She has also responded to comments regarding her being cast for the main role in the live-action film adaptation of “Ghost in the Shell”.

Scarlett Johansson went through two marriages, the first one with “Deadpool” star, Ryan Reynolds and the second one with Romain Dauriac, which she had a daughter with. Since then, she has been juggling life as a mother and as an actress and somehow, eventually she has learned the importance of finding her own happiness. She confessed that she believed that being monogamous is unnatural and that it’s a lot of hard work.

She believes that marriage is a romantic idea but having to work hard to keep one relationship going is not natural. And according to her, she still respects the idea of monogamy but to her, it goes against some instinct to look beyond. She also pointed out that marriage is a beautiful responsibility but it doesn't usually work out because despite being a union of two persons, there are other people who try to take part in it even if they don't have anything to do with it.

She then admitted that motherhood has changed her for the better and having to experience it was incredibly profound. Since having her daughter, she had to consider more things before she takes on other projects, especially now that she is at the peak of her acting career. She says she will be practical about working and she knows things will get tough once her daughter gets older.

In light of her recent acting project, Johansson went through negative feedback when it was announced that she has been cast for the main role of Major in the live action film adaptation of “Ghost in the Shell”. She does believe that Hollywood should delve more into diversity but her role in the said movie does not actually have an identity for people to think that it should have been Asian or anyone else. She pointed out that her character is a cyborg who runs on a human brain and the fact that she is a synthetic robot makes her a universal being. She says that the movie answers the true identity of her character and it has nothing to do with how she or her character should look like.

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