Clash Royale News: Draft Challenge Will Be Returning

Some players and critics are expecting that Clash Royale will end soon. But Supercell is trying to revive the game by making old challenges available again and that is the Draft Challenge. In addition, the developer just updated some cards to make the game harder.

Clash Royale's Draft Challenge Will Return

On Feb. 16, one of Clash Royale's challenges, Draft Challenge, will be made available again. The players will be choosing one of two cards eight times. Their opponent will use the cards that they will not pick, which means the player will know what his opponent be using.

However, knowing the cards of his opponent will not be as helpful as it seems because there is still a chance that his opponent's deck is more powerful. Draft Challenge has two events and that are Classic and Grand. The players must remember that each event is for free.

The Draft Challenge will be available in Friendly Battles until Feb. 23 and it will be accessible in Challenges starting Feb. 17, according to Touch Arcade. The players can participate in the challenge in order to get exciting rewards.

Other Updates In Clash Royale

Since Feb. 13, the players received necessary updates from Supercell for Clash Royale. First, the Executioner is not overpowered anymore. Still, some changes needs to be added in the card.

The Poison card will be more handy because it can face the Skeleton Army and Graveyard. Next, the Witch has increased its damage by six percent. The P.E.K.K.A will only take one second for deployment. Lastly, Dark Prince has increased its hit points by five percent.

Players can now use the upgraded cards once they have participated in Clash Royale's Draft Challenge. In addition, with the help of the challenge, the players will be able to enjoy the game more even if some might say that an end game is coming soon.

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