Here Are The Five Things Players Wish To See In Clash Royale

Since the release of Clash Royale last year, a lot of fans were hooked in the game. However, players are thinking that the game might end soon if Supercell will not add anything new in the game. Also, the developer must keep taking notes of what the players want to see in the game.

Improvements In The Gameplay Of Clash Royale

The players are asking Supercell if new heroes will be added in Clash Royale because the new characters will play an important role in the game. Hopefully, the developer will grant the players' request in order to keep them interested.

Also, the players want to see more of aerial defense in Clash Royale. There are cards in the game such as Baby Dragons, Balloons and Rocket that can attack from the sky that have brought the players problems in how they can protect their towers.

The players are also requesting Supercell to add more air troops that can help them protect their towers in Clash Royale. The only cards that can decrease the cards for aerial offense are Mega Minion and Inferno Dragon.

The last concern about the gameplay is the end game. The players are waiting for Supercell plans to end Clash Royale. Also, they are wondering how the developer plans to do this because they observed that the updates are just repetitive.

What About Tournaments And Cards In Clash Royale?

The players think that the tournaments in Clash Royale is not worthwhile. They have been joining repetitively in the tournaments but failed to receive the rewards they have been waiting for. The reason they have joined the tournaments because of the legendary cards.

Also, since the tournaments are not accessible for every player, they want the passwords to be removed. They want the tournaments not to be only available for special events because the game gets boring. Hopefully, Supercell will also extend the time of the tournament..

The players are hoping that they can create new strategies with the help of legendary cards. However, the cards are not for free in Clash Royale. They are expecting to get the cards to appear in the free chest but that never happens.

Legendary cards are very rare and only players who can reach in the legendary arena have the opportunity to have the powerful cards that can help them beat their opponents in Clash Royale. The players who can spend their money in buying the cards are the only capable people that can avail the cards.

According to iDigital Times, players will see a new update in Clash Royale and it will be a new card called Dart Goblin. This card will be available in Arena 9. The players are wishing that the card will help them with new strategies tha will be part of the game.

However, this is not a legendary card but a rare card although Supercell made sure that Dart Goblin will be one of the hard-to-beat cards in the game. This will be an effective defender against the ground troops that can attack the towers.

Hopefully, Supercell will be able to add these five things they want to see in Clash Royale. The fans are very loyal that they are suggesting what they think that will be very beneficial to both the game and for themselves.

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