Nioh Guide: Character Stat Reset Guide

Like most other role-playing games, Nioh offers a feature where players can manipulate the stats of their own character. Everytime players level up in Nioh, they will earn a point that they need to allocate on the eight basic stat categories. In addition, players also get a chance to have skill points, which can be allocated in either Samurai, Ninja, or Onmyo. In case players made a mistake when allocating these points, there are ways to article reset their stats.

Steps On How To Reset Character Stats In Nioh

First, complete the first two main story missions of the game. By doing this, players will be able to unlock the Blacksmith. The Blacksmith is very important in the game. It gives the players an access to upgrade and refashion equipments, it also gives players an access for the item that they need in order to re-spec their characters.

How To Use The Book Of Reincarnation

For players who do not know where the Blacksmith is located, the Blacksmith can be found by going to the starting of any area of the map. By approaching to the Blacksmith, players can browse items that the Blacksmith sells. Find The Book of Reincarnation, which costs 10,000 gold. The book is a bit expensive but it other players say that it's worth the price, as players can reset the stat of theor characters. After acquiring the book, head to the Storehouse, in the players can use the Book of Reincarnation. After using The Book of Reincarnation, the book will wipe the player's character out. The character's level will disappear along with the skill points. The player's Amrita, which was spent to level up, will be returned to the player. Players can visit the shrine and spend all the Amrita to level up their character. This process also applies to Samurai, Onmyo, and Ninjutsu skills points, all of these will be refunded to the player to spend again.

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