YouTube Rolls Out Material Design Update With Light And Dark Mode Options

By Mae Cervantes , Feb 16, 2017 10:57 AM EST

YouTube began experimenting with a unique design of its user interface in April 2016. The new online video streaming app interface is now well designed by Material Design, which is similar to Google Play Movies and TV app.

Completely Redesigned

According to Android Police, YouTube is now doing a wider rollout of the update, which also includes the light and dark mode options. The redesigning has put the card-based button in solid backgrounds. Google has been planning this material design over the past years.

The toolbar on the search box across the YouTube pages is added. The search bar is now similar to Google's Android app. The upload selection has been redesigned in line with its mobile interface.

The upload icon and the overflow menu, together with its options, are now located at the right of the interface. The "Access Help" and the "Turn On/Off Restricted Mode" and the "Send Feedback" are located near the restore "Classic" interface.

Material Design User Interface

The new light and dark mode options of YouTube are being tested on a small group of the platform users. The icons have slight improvement with its common white space. The channel has a darker contrast, which is quite different from the YouTube homepage, as per Droid Men.

The Material Design of the streaming platform has a distinct color that adds more depth to the buttons. The depth of the buttons also signifies elements like profile photo and the horizontal browsing button. The edge of the platform also has fewer spaces between them, which gives a shaded gray color.

The new light and dark mode option is also a smarter way to make the streaming platform look cleaner and pleasant to the eye. YouTube does not have official announcement whether the new design is final, or the online streaming up is just experimenting to collect more feedback before the final rollout. The developers are looking for bugs and Google is currently opened for feedback.


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