BlackBerry Officially A Goner, Global Market Share Now At 0%

The researchers from Gartner Inc. released a global smartphone sales analysis on Wednesday. BlackBerry sales control zero percent of the global market share. The new study confirmed further that out of the 431 million smartphones sold in the Q4 of 2016, 207,900 were running the BlackBerry OS.

Declining Global Market Sales

According to Business Insider, the global market share of the Canadian tech company is at 0.04827 percent, which means that BlackBerry sales quickly declined. Researchers found that BlackBerry began to decline since the debut of iOS in 2007 and Android in 2008. On the other hand, BlackBerry Priv and DTEK60 are now powered similarly to Android concept.

BlackBerry announced in Sept. 2016 that the company stopped manufacturing phones. It was also revealed that BlackBerry would focus on software products. Extreme Tech noted that in Q1 of 2015, BlackBerry had $269 million worth of revenue. However, the company had dropped down $152 million by Q1 of 2016 and by Q3 of 2016; it was unveiled that BlackBerry went down to $62 million.

BlackBerry may manufacture a few more branded handsets, but its smartphone business is dead. On the contrary, an incredible 352.7 million handsets are running Google's Android operating system, which were sold in Q4 2016 and make up 81.7 percent of the market. Then, the Apple's iOS sold 77 million units in the same quarter with 17.9 percent overall market shares.

TCL; BlackBerry Mercury

The Chinese manufacturer, TCL, brought the brand name, which the company has global rights to design, manufacture and sell the BlackBerry handsets. The deal also proposes to provide customer support to customer, while BlackBerry will concentrate on its software and services.

BlackBerry and TCL are already planning on what to deliver next to its consumers. The company will be releasing a new handset, BlackBerry Mercury, at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 in Barcelona, at the end of the month.


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