Pokemon Go Update: New Catch Bonuses Found In The Source Code

Niantic drops the updated APK for Pokemon Go recently and several players who know how to dig information regarding every update made to the game started to explore the new game code. Upon datamining the source code, they have found out several new interesting changes that Niantic made. In addition, dataminers also saw few additions to the game such as Gender Ratio, New Background Music, and a possible First Anniversary event.

Meanwhile, it looks like dataminers have discovered more additions to the game aside from the above-mentioned discovery. One of them is the new Throw Bonuses. Popular anime blogsite, Otakukart reported that these new bonuses appear to have an impact to the PokeBall while a particular Pokemon is inside. Furthermore, codes for launch angle and perfect launch speed were also found in the updated Pokemon Go APK.

Based on the report, these codes are identified as CRITICALSHAKE, CRITICALCLICK, CATCHSUCESSCRITICAL, PERFECTLAUNCHSPEED and LAUNCHANGLE. Apparently, it seems like Pokemon Go will become more interesting to play once this new encounter system officially arrives since it is expected to bring more variation to the current system in capturing a Pokemon.

It looks like Niantic is really doing a pretty good job trying to improve the game. Meanwhile, it is worth noting that these changes are not really major. However, they will make the process more rewarding.

With the eported new bonuses, fans should expect a shorter time to reach the current level cap since the number of experience points gained will be expected to increase. As of the moment, there are no further details how these new bonuses will work, while some other trainers plan to conduct a research regarding this matter. Hopefully, Niantic will drop some hints about the mechanics of these new bonuses once they are officially released.


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