Final Fantasy Games Sale On PlayStation Store This Week; Which Title Is Worth The Buy?

When a "Final Fantasy" game goes on sale, thousands flock to get it. But now, the game's developers steps it up as it puts its previous games on sale. Surely, it will be another once-in-a-lifetime phenomena that fans would not waste.

Square Enix, the game's owner and developer, wants to bring back the glory that the game franchise once had back then. With its recently released game, "Final Fantasy XV", received a bunch of negative reviews, it makes perfect sense for them to do something about the serious problem.

The solution? Put their previous games on sale. Now, everyone can get them on the PlayStation Store for a cheap price. According to Techno Buffalo, almost all of the games in the game franchise are available on sale, except for "Final Fantasy XI", "Final Fantasy XII" and "Final Fantasy XIII".

The reason to it is that these aren't playable on modern game consoles because they haven't been released digitally. Fortunately, "Final Fantasy XII" will have its digital release this coming summer. With this, it would certainly bring confusion to someone who plans to buy one of the "Final Fantasy" games. This is obviously because of the time period of the original game's release. An example of this is the "Final Fantasy V" and "Final Fantasy VI" which are originally made for the Game Boy Advance. It would certainly not look good on the PlayStation 4 or even the PlayStation 3.

Meanwhile, "Final Fantasy IV" is would also be pretty ugly to play in today's resolution, knowing that it is designed for a 16-bit resolution. "Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX", are the top-choices to download, as the games' graphics and gameplays can go on par with today's PlayStation consoles.

According to Engadget, the latest game of the franchise, "Final Fantasy XV" needs to have some support. What better way to support it than to have its previous games put on sale? Hopefully, Square Enix can pull it up this time as its future lies at the hands of "Final Fantasy XV".

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