Did Chris Brown Sent Flowers To Rihanna On Valentines Day? Breezy Reacts

A lot of A-list celebrity celebrated their Valentine's days normally while some went to the extreme. However, there are rumors that former power couple and ex-lovers rekindled their relationship last February 14.

Breezy Did Not Send Any Flowers To Rihanna

Valentine's day is the time where people show their undying love and affection to their special someone. For others, it is simply the day were hatred is thrown out of the window.

In a recent report by a respected magazine, Chris Brown allegedly sent flowers to Rihanna. However, that news was debunked by Breezy himself in his Instagram account. The ex-lovers who had some shares of issues in the past didn’t even make any move during Valentine's day.

Apparently, a die hard fan of Chris Brown and Rihanna posted on Instagram that he sent flowers during Valentine's day. The IG post seems believable as it showed Breezy's account tagged to it and Chris himself even replied to the post acknowledging the claim.

Rihanna hasn't really commented on the news involving her. The last time that she spoke to the media is during the Grammy Awards.

Riri already moved on with her life after the Chris Brown fiasco. She even stated in on one of her interviews that she's not willing to make amends with Chris Brown after the trauma that she received. Yes, there were times that they were on the same event but neither of them shared their hi's and hellos.

Chris Brown also commented on the recent status of Rihanna. He's happy with her ex and wished her all the best. Rihanna, on the other hand, doesn't want to talk about Chris Brown. Hopefully, there will be a point in time that these to clever artists will be at peace.

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