‘Doubt' Season 1 Episode 1 Recap, Episode 2 Spoilers: Sadie Ellis Tries To Keep It Professional

Meet Sadie Ellis, the lawyer who rides her bike to work as she keeps her dress and heels in a bag and changes when she gets to her destination. She is a great defense attorney and people look up to her in her firm. She even has a reputation for being the angry one, rumored to have anger issues but if she was not a lawyer, she would probably in rehab.

There is one thing though that is keeping her professional life on the rocks. Sadie has somehow failed to keep her client and counsel relationship at bay and has gone beyond the limits of falling in love with her client, Dr. William “Billy” Brennan. Billy was accused of murdering his girlfriend back in the early 1990s.

“Doubt” Season 1 Episode 1 reveals that Billy was acquitted because they found no proof connecting him to the murder, even the murder weapon resulted negative. Though Billy insists to this day that he is innocent, the case has been reopened when his roommate stepped forward, claiming that Billy confessed the crime to him during one of the therapies in college. Sadie and her partner, in this case, Billy’s co-counsel, Albert Cobb finds a way to trash the confession.

Though they have found a loophole with it being said during therapy, the motion was still refused. But one of the aspiring young lawyers who wanted to join their firm, Kobi Libii has turned up with dirt on the roommate. As Sadie and Albert tried to take this in for the District Attorneys for a plea bargain, the tables turned when they found out that the missing murder weapon, which was already tested and was supposed to be missing, was found and there is a possibility that Billy may be found guilty with the modern technology.

Billy has offered his blood for testing to prove that he is innocent and Sadie lets him despite Albert disagreeing to this. Sadie is torn because she can’t seem to separate professional from personal with this case and it is ruining their chances of winning. “Doubt” Season 1 Episode 2 might just reveal that Billy is really guilty because Sadie finds out something uncanny about the photos that were taken that night.

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