PewDiePie Apologizes For Anti-Semitic Joke; He'll Still Earn Millions After The Controversy

PewDiePie has finally responded after his anti-Semitic joke blew up into a huge controversy. The YouTube star has uploaded a video and relayed his apologies towards the incident. The response was also made to slam a report made by Wall Street Journal.

PewDiePie, also known as Felix Kjellberg, has finally apologized regarding the Fiverr incident. He said he was sorry for the words that he used, knowing he has offended people and he has realized that the joke went too far. He stated that he loved to push boundaries but there are always right ways to joke about something and nobody can joke about just anything. He has admitted that he is a rookie comedian and that he has made mistakes like this before, which has always been a learning and growing experience for him.

Unfortunately for PewDiePie, his anti-Semitic joke has cost him his ties with YouTube and Disney. Yet despite being cut off the premium deals, it is more likely that PewDiePie will still make millions after the recent controversy. Forbes has figured that PewDiePie will still be raking in seven-digit figures because of the massive advertising paired up with his popular YouTube channel, which currently has 53.4 million subscribers. Aside from that, he will be getting money from the sales of his new book, “This Book Loves You” and his mobile game application, “Tuber Simulator”.

PewDiePie has been a video blogger on YouTube for many years now and as he had said, it started out as a hobby and he was fortunate enough to make an actual living out of it. Now that he has become an influential public figure through his YouTube channel, it will take more than cutting him off premium advertising and canceling his online show to put him down. Though it is expected that his earnings will decrease, he will still be making loads of money being a video game blogger.

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