‘Shaman King' Creator Refuses Anime Remake Project

“Shaman King” was an anime series above average and getting to see it again in a whole new light especially from its original creator would be great. But it has just been reported that the said creator have just turned down a new anime project for “Shaman King”. The plans were refused because it seems like doing the remake will have to make major changes to the original story.

The new anime project was to make a new “Shaman King” animated series and the original manga creator Hiroyuki Takei was keen on grabbing the chance for a remake but things have turned downside. Hiroyuki Takei turned down the plans because the original cast, as well as the original music, will not be used in the remake. He took to twitter the reasons of his refusal and pointed out some things.

Hiroyuki Takei said that the remake of the anime series, “Shaman King” were put into serious consideration since there were already discussions about it. But he had to decline when the production said they could not use the original voice actors and music. Despite it all, he is still open to giving the remake another chance if he is given an opportunity to do so.

The first anime series of “Shaman King” kicked off in July 2001 and it ran for 64 episodes. The anime was adapted from the original manga series that had published 32 volumes and spawned spinoff versions. The story is simple as it is set on the adventures of a young man who is determined to enhance his skills as a shaman by winning the Shaman Fight.

Anime remakes are nothing out of the ordinary and it usually happens a lot. One known example is the “Fullmetal Alchemist” series, which was first adapted into anime in 2003. Then come 2009, it was remade into a new anime series titled “Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood” but this time it followed the story depicted in the original manga series.

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