'Grey's Anatomy' Season Recap: 'It Only Gets Much Worse'

"How much burden a human being can handle?" Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) begins this episode before she declaims Murphy's Law, that all it means is that "anything that can go wrong will."

The episode tags the beginning of Phase 2 of Minnick's main plan to refurbish the teaching program, which sees residents put in charge of their own cases which they see from start to finish, with only an attendant supervising them. This leaves both groups with opposing reactions. The residents are thrilled, of course at the chance to be in charge, while the attendant is still recovering from Meredith's deferral.

Grey's Anatomy Recap Explains

In the previous episode, Edwards is one of the lucky two residents set to stay in, with Minnick serving as her attendant. But when her first patient dies, both doctors steal Leah's patient, a young boy named Matty who has come in with gallstones. The poor kid is happy about his upcoming explorer cruise holiday, but unluckily his condition is bad enough that he needs surgery right away - which Edwards could tell him without crying. Though she still hugs Minnick momentarily.

Arizona finds out that Edwards is scouring in on this operation and brings it up with Minnick, who says that the resident doctors can handle it and that Arizona is welcome to stay and observe. It's a good thing that Arizona did take her up on the offer because there is a terrible difficulty during Matty's surgery that involves her to jump in, following the most worrying use of the words "Turn the camera around" ever. While this is transpiring, Edwards panicked a little and Minnick is agitated.

The Opportunity Becomes A Burden

Regrettably, despite all their efforts, Marty dies in the end. Edwards questions what went wrong and turns to Minnick for comfort, but she just walks away, leaving Arizona to pick up what she left. But before she can, Edwards has fled ahead of her. Later, Arizona tracks Minnick down and yells at her. But Minnick shares that this is the first time she's lost a child patient, shocking Arizona (and me).

Following their short talk, Arizona and Minnick go to Matty's parents to explain, but they found that Edwards is on it, finalizing the case. Of course, this is just a temporary absolution for Minnick, who is stunned with her grief and guilt.

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