Banned Pokemon Sun And Moon Creatures In February Competition Revealed

A new event is set to happen in Pokemon Sun and Moon this month. Actually, it'll commence just a few days from this day of writing. It's no other than the 2017 International Challenge February Competition. So far, the list of creatures banded for the said tournament has been revealed.

According to iDigitalTimes, the registration for the aforementioned Pokemon Sun and Moon event is already opened. The Pokemon Company made the big reveal, suggesting that it'll start from Feb. 24 all the way to Feb. 26. Players who'll take part of it are expected to receive countless rewards, only in the form of Mega Stones.

As a matter of fact, the registration for the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon tournament has started last Feb. 16. However, players who've yet to register still have until Feb. 23 to do so. This is going to be just a day before the start of the competition. Hence interested players must make their final decision as soon as possible.

It's worth noting that the Pokemon Sun and Moon event will be deemed as a Double Competition. Apart from that, it's set to follow the same rules that VGC 2017 set. The latter basically refers to the utilization of Pokedex specifically for the Alola region Pokemon only. So, in a sense, there are certain creatures not allowed during the tournament.

Fortunately, the list of banned Pokemon Sun and Moon creatures in this month's competition has been unveiled. This includes the likes of Solgaleo, Cosmog, Necrozma and Lunala. The list also contains the species Magearna, Cosmeon and Zygarde. The said Pokemon, as mentioned above, aren't allowed.

Aside from the above-mentioned Pokemon Sun and Moon species, another restriction has been announced. This is no other than the Mega Stones. Apparently, players aren't allowed to use these during the existence of the competition.

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