'Jane The Virgin' News And Updates: Rafael And Jane To Rekindle Romance?

After the twist of the TV show, "Jane the Virgin" left the fans in shock . With this, they are asking if this means Jane will be single or if she will try to rekindle her love for Rafael. Sources told that there is a great probability that the two would get back together on the small screen. Even Justin Baldonin admitted that the two characters really grown from the time they separated. Could this be a clear indicator that the two could possibly get a second chance with one another?

"Jane The Virgin" News Update: Could Jane Be Attached With Rafael Again?

As per sources, their maturity have really grown since their first date. Although the writers are always giving hints about them that they are not meant to be, fans always thought that they can always be friends and co- parents.

The writers of the tv show "Jane The Virgin" is doing a good job of keeping the hope for the romance of the two in the show. Publications revealed that their relationship would change through time. In fact, their romance is vanishing.

"Jane The Virgin" Spoilers: Rafael The Second Husband Of Jane?

In the show, Michael Cordero Jr. is dead. With this, his death gave fans the hope for Rafael and Jane's rekindled love. One TV Line contributor said

 "But the decision to kill off Michael and then zip forward three years feels like a storytelling cheat - like the writers wanted the shock value (and social-media spike) of a major character death, while also skipping past all that uncomfortable 'grieving" stuff,'"

Moreover, there were rumors spreading online rumors that Rafael and Jane might have a baby.

 Also, speculations admitted that Jane might remarry and made Rafael her second husband. Meanwhile, the season 3 of the show has revealed that all the situation that happened to Jane has changed her life and she will also considered to become a novelist and pursue her dreams.

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