‘Riverdale' Season 1 Episode 4 Recap, Episode 5 Teaser: Goodbye Grundy, Goodbye Twilight Drive, And Hello Jughead's Secret

Last week’s episode of “Riverdale” has left fans wondering what’ll happen with the gang after Betty discovers Archie’s dark secret. “Riverdale” Season 1 Episode 4 sees Betty clearly decisive with what she wants to do and she confronts Archie about it. Archie does not deny it but with the help of Veronica, he tries to convince Betty to back off.

But even Veronica knows that Archie is in deep trouble now that the cat’s out of the bag, him having a sexual affair with their music teacher, Miss Geraldine Grundy. Betty, who claims she has gotten over her unrequited feelings for Archie, goes on an investigation and drags Veronica with her. They eventually find out that Miss Grundy is not the person everyone knows.

Betty and Veronica ransack Miss Grundy’s car and thanks to Betty’s lock picking skills, they find out that Miss Grundy’s real name is Jennifer Gibson and she hides a gun. The two newfound friends tell Archie about their discovery and Archie fumes though he confronts Miss Grundy about it himself. Miss Grundy says she ran away from a bad divorce, hence the change of identity and the hidden gun.

Betty remains unconvinced but she keeps silent about it and writes her thoughts in her diary instead, which her sneaky controlling mother reads, which leads the latter to find out about Archie and Miss Grundy’s affair. The affair was confronted and Miss Grundy was forced out of Riverdale and with how things ended in “Riverdale” Season 1 episode 4, it seems like there is more to Jennifer Gibson and she might just be connected to Jason’s murder.

Meanwhile, Jughead fights to keep the Twilight Drive from closing down because it turns out it was the place he called home because he literally slept in it, practically lived where he worked. When he had to pack up his things, a man from the detested Southside Serpents approaches and asks him about his plans. Jughead brushes him off and addresses him as dad, which was one of the plot twists in the series.

“Riverdale” Season 1 episode 5 will delve on the ongoing investigation of Jason’s murder and it seems like Cheryl is in trouble. The Blossoms hold a memorial for Jason and finally buries a body. Veronica and her mom get into deep trouble as things get nastier with the latter’s secret deal.

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