Disney's 'Moana' Exclusive Deleted Scenes Revealed; She Actually Had Brothers

Disney’s newest animated movie, “Moana” may have been released just last year but it is clearly still making headlines. Disney has revealed exclusive deleted scenes from the highly acclaimed animated movie. The deleted scenes have revealed that Moana actually had brothers.

The Disney movie, “Moana”, is about a girl named Moana, who sets off on a quest across the oceans to save her family and her heritage. In the movie, her little village and even her ancestors were revealed, coupled with songs that tugged at every viewer’s heart. But it turns out, Disney did not include in the official theatrical release some more supposed facts about Moana and her family.

The wave-paddling heroine, Moana, actually had six older brothers. The directors of “Moana”, Ron Clements and John Musker has revealed that this was originally planned to be included in the film. Clements shows off the original storyboard and elaborates that Moana and her brothers were initially introduced in the early parts of the movie wherein their sailing proficiencies are put into light, with Moana outdoing her older brothers.

But of course, if her brothers were shown off then that would have negated most of the film’s story where Moana learns sailing from the demi-god, Maui. Musker adds and explains that they had to lose her brothers when they decided they wanted to make her less proficient when it comes to sailing. The production then stuck with her being the happier only child.

The “Lost Brothers” deleted scene will be included in the home edition release of “Moana”. The said deleted scene is one of the seven scenes that did not make the official cut. The home edition will also include Lin-Manuel Miranda’s unreleased song, “Warrior Face”. Disney will release the home editions on Blu-ray and DVD and it will be available in the United States starting March 7.

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