Netflix's 'Dear White People' Sparks Rage Over Racial Satire; Director Explains Show's Title And Origin

The Netflix original series, “Dear White People” has yet to make its premiere but it is already making the headlines. Apparently, the said series has sparked controversy and rage among Netflix viewers for a show set on racism. To put things into perspective, the writer and director of the said series have spoken up to explain the origin of the story and its title.

Just as soon as the “Dear White People” was announced, coupled with a new trailer, some Netflix subscribers have voiced out that the show is set on the concept of racism towards white people. The rage that sparked over the satire trailer went far enough for some Netflix subscribers to even deactivate their accounts. Some have accused Netflix itself of being outright racist for releasing a series such as “Dear White People”.

The backlash on the Netflix adaptation of “Dear White People” has forced Justin Simien, writer, and director of the said show to give out an explanation especially to those people who do not understand the meaning of satire. Simien posted a lengthy explanation and stated that the story started as a pastime initiated by his friend, who happened to be white, and they even initially called it “Dear White America”, saying back then that the name would be a great radio show. The script was a way for him to comment and put into light the “black experience” he knew and went through.

Simien has expressed that he has been through this backlash when he released the original movie, which the Netflix series is based on and he admitted that until now the harassment he went through still stung. “Dear White People” was released in 2014 as a satirical comedy drama and despite the negative feedbacks, critics embraced it with positivity and claimed that it was a production full of intelligence, honesty, and satisfyingly sharp wit. Netflix will push through with “Dear White People” and will release the new series on April 28.

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