Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Leaked On French Website

A photo of what seems like a new Surface tablet has appeared on a French website. This leak is said to be for the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 that's rumored to be released around March or April. It's worth noting that the image was titled "win10-feature-surface-pro-5-z" and the said website is allegedly owned by Microsoft. With those pointed out, it's safe to say that this leak is one of the most convincing proofs that the Surface Pro 5 is indeed coming soon.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Leak

According to Phone Arena, the said leaked image that appeared in a French website showed a Surface Pro tablet with its Type Cover attached to it. The Surface Pen is also seen in front of the device. This picture, alongside the appearance of the name "Surface Pro 5" on a Microsoft associate's online profile page, makes it pretty convincing that the next-generation tablet may actually arrive on the expected date. If Microsoft releases the Surface Pro 5 April 2017, it would be a year and a half away from the predecessor's release date.

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Cycle

The Surface Pro 4 was released October of 2015 and is turning two years old this year. This means that if Microsoft fails to release the Surface Pro 5, the company's tablet line will be very much outdated. It's worth pointing out though, that a 12-month cycle for this expensive tablet is not exactly necessary considering the fact that the Pro 4 is too high-end to be considered outdated in a year. Even at one year old last year, the Pro 4 was still able to beat some of its competitions. However, if Microsoft doesn't release the Surface Pro 5 this year, the Surface Pro 4 may no longer be able to compete with its 2017 rivals when it comes to specs.

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