Why Apple Decided Not To Take On Xbox And Playstation

Apple has never been a stranger to criticisms, and while the company has been quite successful on its smartphone business, it has also been criticized for not venturing into the gaming field. Many tech enthusiasts believe that Apple can do well if they try venturing into games. The company can even take on Xbox and PlayStation if they would at least try. However, there's a little chance that this is happening and tech buffs believe that it is for financial reasons.

Apple's Reason For Not Going All-In In Gaming

As per a Bloomberg post via Business Insider, Apple has an "addiction to fat margins" and the company is practically allergic to financial losses on a product, even if it can actually make up by selling content. This criticism is in connection to the Apple TV that the company seems to be putting very little development into it. Apparently, there were past expectations that the Apple TV will be bundled with a gaming controller so as to compete with Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's PlayStation. However, that didn't happen, and this draws the assumption that the decision to skip the gaming controller hardware was partially cost-driven.

Apple TV As An Underdeveloped Technology

When Apple introduced the latest Apple TV version, the company added the new feature that enables the device to pair up with a compatible Bluetooth controller. The problem is that Apple isn't the one making the game controller. People had to get one from approved third-party vendors and spend about $60. It's worth mentioning that there were game developers that initially took advantage of the feature. However, the number of developers remained low considering the amount of work they have to do in order to support a controller whose install base is uncertain. Additionally, the remote will never be able to offer the same experience as what a dedicated game controller can provide.

Business Insider's post also pointed out Apple's slogan of "The future of TV is apps."  However, it's quite undeniable that games are way more popular than any other kind of apps. Take note that as of now, most of the highest-grossing apps on Apple Store are games. This is evidenced by multiple analytic firms. Needless to say, Apple did not take the opportunity to invade the gaming world using the Apple TV. Instead, the company allowed the device to remain the way it is, even if it isn't even people's most affordable option for its kind of product.

As per the source, Apple might have just wanted to drift away from being compared with the Xbox or PlayStation, which are both focused specifically on gaming. Apple may just want the Apple TV to be focused on being used as a TV accessory to stream Netflix and other internet-based TV. Nevertheless, the company could have missed out on disrupting the gaming console market the same way it did to the mobile gaming industry. Apple could have done this by offering a cheaper limited version as it builds a community of developers and ultimately challenging giant rivals.

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