Flagship Nokia Smartphone Not Coming Anytime Soon

Nokia has returned to the smartphone market with HMD Global taking over the brand. The company has already unleashed the midrange Nokia 6 smartphone just a few weeks ago. However, there's still no clarity as to when HMD Global will be releasing a Nokia phone with flagship specs. Needless to say, tech buffs believe that this could also happen in the future, but probably not very soon.

Why A Flagship Nokia Isn't Arriving Soon

As per a post by Phone Arena, there are different possible reasons why HMD Global is taking its time before releasing a flagship Nokia Android. For one, there are issues about money. It's always possible that HMD's capital may have been far from what smartphone giants have at their disposal. With that said, it could have been hard for the company to sport its first smartphones with high-end and premium specs. Additionally, it was also said that this could be a strategic step for the company. Going for midrange phones may have been a way for HMD Global to avoid big failures.

Nokia Flagship Android, When Is It Coming

It's clear that right now, Nokia is focused on less-expensive smartphones. The company just started releasing the Nokia 6 in China and rumor has it that more phones are coming in at the Mobile World Congress 2017. As per NDTV, the Nokia 3, Nokia 5, Nokia P1 and the Nokia 3310 reboot could all be announced at the MWC.

Phone Arena reported that a flagship Nokia may also be released this year. However, it may be pushed back to the end of 2017. So as of now, there's still no solid clues that the world will be able to get their hands on a premium Nokia anytime soon. Rumors have it that the anticipated Nokia P1 will come with high-end specs. However, there's also a good chance that it will not be released internationally. For some possible strategic reasons, HMD Global may once again limit their release to China just like what they are doing with the Nokia 6.

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