Dell Canvas 27 'Coming Soon' To Take Down Microsoft Surface Studio

Dell introduced the Canvas at this year's CES at the Round Rock. The Texas-headquartered company is showcasing a Surface Studio-like device, called the Canvas. Dell seems to be joining Microsoft in attracting artists to patronize an innovative product that facilitates top-end creativity. Dell's Canvas features a massive 27-inch touchscreen display, which is just an inch smaller than Microsoft's all-in-one PC, the Surface studio.

Dell Canvas Design And Features

The Canvas is designed to be an artist's working tool, so it can be easily laid flat on the surface or angled up like an easel, thanks to its kickstand. The thing noticeable about this device is its rather bigger bezels. According to a source, Dell explained that artists prefer having enough room around their drawing surfaces to rest their palms. That's exceptionally important when working along the edges of the screen.The display is a 2,560×1,440 resolution, which is the same as the 27-inch Cintiq, but less than the higher 4k Surface Studio resolution, which features at 4500×3000. The Microsoft Surface Studio has 10-point multi-touch while Dell's Canvas has a 20-point multi-touch screen, which allows multiple people to work on a project harmoniously.

Dell Canvas Price And Availability

Furthermore, Dell has also introduced a circular off-hand device, called the Totem. This resembles the Surface Dial in display and in use. This accessory also uses the same technology as that of the Microsoft's Surface Dial that one can use Microsoft's puck on the Canvas and Dell's computer wouldn't have any problem processing its controls. In addition, Dell Canvas features anti-glare Gorilla Glass on top of its sharp display. It weighs 18.5 pounds and comes along with a Stylus. At the CES, we learned that the Dell Canvas is set to launch in time for the Windows 10 Creators Update and is expected to cost less than $2,000.


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