'Criminal Minds' Season 12 Episode 14: Spencer Reid Gets More Charges Against Him; Reid Stays In Prison Until Finale?

Next week on "Criminal Minds" season 12, episode 14, Spencer Reid will still be inside the prison and his team is figuring out how he can be acquitted of the crime he is charged with. Furthermore, there are speculations that the remaining episodes of the show will see Reid's struggle to be freed, while some others claim this is a way for the show to get rid of the character.

Matthew Gray Gubler's Spencer Reid is snatching the focus of the show as he remains trapped in a difficult situation that even his genius mind cannot crack. This week's episode featured Reid getting locked up for a murder crime that he is being accused of. Earlier on, Reid went to Mexico to get experimental drugs that he thinks will help in the cure of his schizophrenic mother. After a series of supposed events, Reid found himself inside a prison cell for having murdered Doctor Rosa, and for carrying cocaine and heroin.

However, Reid does not seem to remember what happened hence the episode finished with him still inside the prison. In a preview of the upcoming episode of "Criminal Minds" season 12, Reid will be seen defending himself saying he did not commit the murder. However, his incapability to clearly relay what happened may not help him get his freedom just yet.

It can be heard from the promo video that his own attorney, Fiona Duncan, accuses him of lying about the murder. There is one thing though that he is sure of which is another person is with him and Rosa when the alleged crime happened. Unfortunately, he also recalls holding a knife elsewhere in the scene.

A more tragic new is reportedly coming to Reid on "Criminal Minds" season 12, episode 14. According to EP Erica Messer, who also co-wrote the previous episode, Reid will get an amazing story throughout the rest of season 12. Fans then believe that his stay in jail will take a little while as Messer said that Reid's predicaments will get bigger each week.

Messer teased that the true criminal will be heavily featured in the upcoming episodes, but has not confirmed whether Reid did the crime or someone is just framing him. Fans then will have to wait to get more answers as the real events in Mexico get unwrapped in "Criminal Minds."

"Criminal Minds" season 12 airs on Mondays on CBS.

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