Cancer Patients: Quality Of Life Could Improve Through Walking

A new study suggests that cancer patients could improve their quality of life by walking 30 minutes, three times a day. The researchers explored on the impact of walking on the quality of life and asperity in patients with advanced cancer. Regardless of the numerous evidences that exercise could give health benefits to cancer patients, physical activities are decreasing during treatment. Even after the treatments patients do not involve themselves in physical activities often.

42 cancer patients were divided into two groups. Group one received coaching from an initiative by Macmillan Cancer. This includes a short motivational interview. The recommendation was to walk 30 minutes every other day. And attend a group stroll weekly. The health benefits of walking were recorded with improved cardiovascular, strength and increased energy level. However, group two was encouraged to do their normal activities.

As a result of the program, researchers found that those in group one had improvement with physical, emotional and psychological well being. Many of the participants acclaimed that through walking they were able to improve positive attitudes towards their illness. As for the group walks it provided social benefits. One of the participants said that the effect was very intense that the patients view of life was more positive. That it was important to live life enjoyably.

According to the UPI, professor Emma Ream said that the importance of exercise in preventing cancer recurrence and managing other chronic illnesses is becoming clear. The findings show that walking is beneficial to patients with advanced cancer. Rather than being sad and preventing from physical activities, they should be encouraged to do daily exercise routines that could help them improve their quality of life.

According to the Medical Express, this study is stepping stone and a proof that walking or exercise could help patients with advanced cancer. In addition to its benefit it is a free and accessible way of improving life. However, there is further research on a larger scale needed to prove the effectiveness of this suggestion to cancer patients.

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