Top 3 Most Powerful Pokemon In Gen 2 Update

"Pokemon Go" wants to improve the reputation of the game, which is why they just released the Gen 2 update, launching 80 new Pokemon. What this means is that the high-end gym battles that once owned the Pokemon world could now be replaced by a new world order. Now, Snorlax, Gyrados and Dragonite are not anymore the strongest. Here are 3 of the most powerful new Pokemon included in the Gen 2 update.


Blissey is definitely on top of the list, thanks to its massive life HP. The new Pokemon could simply win multiple fights without doing a thing. It can even absorb damage, and wait for the timer to run out. However, Blissey is a very rare Pokemon.

According to Kotaku, Blissey doesn't have the highest CP max potential as of now. Hopefully, the developers would reconsider this if ever there was another big update coming.


Now here comes Titular, who makes up for the low max potential CP of Blissey. It is the result of the evolution of Larvitar and Pupitar, which means that it is a rock or dark hybrid. With the very high max potential CP of Titular, it can surely own battles and defeat competing Pokemon in gym battles without any threat of savage loss.


The third one to make it up the Pokemon Go strongest Pokemon list is Steelix. It is an evolution from Onix. According to Forbes, Onix requires 50 Onix candies for it to evolve. What makes this new Pokemon a very powerful one is because of its psychic-type Espeon. Its stats and very high potential max CP makes it as one of the strongest, if not the strongest new Pokemon in the game.

Hopefully, this list has inspired many players to catch these strongest new Pokemon in town. They'll surely serve every Pokemon Go trainer pretty well.

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