Pokemon Go Update: Unveils Nest Migration; Where To Find New Spawns?

A new Pokemon Go nest migration is up once again for all players to indulge in. Nests are places found in the real world, where players usually find the same types of Pokemon.

However, one must know that these differ from habitats. It is a well-known fact that water Pokemon are found near bodies of water.

What's With The New Nest Migrations

But with the help of a nest, players will find this specific Pokemon in the same place all day long. Every week or so, Niantic Labs, the game's developer, changes these nests so that there will be diversity and exciting thrill changes to the game.

What this means is that a Squirtle nest might be changed and instead turned into a Pikachu nest. However, there are also times when these spawn places disappear for good, while new spawn places appear in places which once weren't spawn places in the first place.

According to Heavy, these nest migrations happen every two weeks. The latest nest migration is the 13th to date. It is also important to note that the changes that happen within these nest migrations are random.

Using The Silph Road Online Map

This leaves everyone no clue as to what or where the new spawn places or nests are. According to Investor Place, using The Silph Road will help players find spawn places.

With the help of this online map, players no longer need to see for themselves and go to the location to check if it really is there. Players can also click on the nest and they'll be able to see its current status according to the previous players that have went there.

There are times when players come across a nest which hasn't received any update since Feb. 9. These spawn places are not up-to-date.

With all of these being said, Pokemon Go is truly making the game updated to the continuously evolving landscape of gamers' taste in games. With the constant changes, Pokemon Go will surely be up for a long time.

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