'Quantico' Season 3 Still At The Risk Of Cancelation; ABC Might Order Wrap Up After Show Shifts To Single Timeline

"Quantico" season2 has been shifted to a Monday timeslot on ABC, reportedly to help the show gain more viewers than it usually receives on a Sunday night. However, the significantly little increase does not guarantee a bright future for the show yet as indications are strong that "Quantico" season 2 might be the series' last.

After the inarguably confusing events in the past 12 episodes of "Quantico," the show is to shift to a single timeline as previously revealed by writer Joshua Safran. The conspiracies looming above the agents might be exciting enough to catch viewers' interest, but the presentation of events is hurting the show according to several reviews.

When ABC transferred the series to a Monday timeslot during its return in January, critics believed that the show will regain its viewers, but the current ratings of "Quantico" prove otherwise. The show averages to only 2.8 million viewers per episode which are relatively lower than its season 1's viewers reaching over three million followers. The TV show rating tracker site, The Cancel Bear, suspects that these numbers will not get any higher in the next episodes, hence concluding that ABC will order a wrap up even before the series shifts to a single timeline.

Fans believe that the show is strategizing to gain fresh followers as Safran said that viewers new to the show will not need to go over the previous episodes to understand the plot. He said that since the show will focus on a new setup, viewers might feel like they are watching a brand new show. It is not yet clear though how fans will receive such setting since a big percent of "Quantico's" fandom reportedly lost interest in the series. ABC though has not yet given any official statements, hence it is safe to assume that the show still has the chance to be renewed.

Meanwhile, the episode "EPICSHELTER," which serves as the finale to the multiple timelines of "Quantico," will see the recruits "learn how to burn everything down if they are ever exposed." Furthermore, the team will find out who died during the explosion from episode 12, while Alex, in the present timeline, will learn who the traitor in the CIA is. It is said that the upcoming episode will resolve the past and the present timeline mysteries, and fans are already curious to see how the show will shift to a single story.

"Quantico" season 12 airs every Monday on ABC.

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