China Mass-Producing 800 Charging Points For Booming NEV Market

Back in January, China has decided to quadruple the number of its new energy vehicles (NEV) by 2025. A month later and seeing how things are going, China has decided to build 800,000 new charging points this year. The figure includes 100,000 public charging stations and 700,000 non-public-charging stations, which will be for private companies, taxi's buses and other commercial vehicles charging points.

China's Decision To Ban High-Emission Vehicles

On a Beijing forum last month, the minister announced that by 2025, at least one in every five cars sold in China will be a new energy model/vehicle, making it quadruple for the number of new energy vehicles produced. According to The Brick Post, this is China's countermeasure plan of curbing air pollution in the capital, which is mainly caused by high-emission vehicles. It was also noted that factories, which are heavy polluters, have been shut down until the end of 2016, while cars have been forced to follow an alternate access schedule and Chinese officials plan to ban high-emission vehicles.

China Plans To Add More Support To New Energy Vehicles

According to Forbes, China has a total number of around 150,000 public charging points currently, which was only 30,000 back in 2015 and later added 100,000 the following year, and plans to install most of the new charging points in cities and on highways. China's National Energy Administration even claimed that according to its data, Beijing and Shanghai have a charging facility within a radius of 5km and that 14km of highway have access to fast-charging stations.

China's Vision Of The Future For The New Energy Technology

Though the minister of China has predicted that by 2025 there will be at least one in every five cars sold in China as a new energy model, the pace of construction for the charging points will continue to at least 2020. In that time, China will most likely have enough charging capacity to support around five million electric vehicles.

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