'Nashville' Creates Most Shocking Cliffhanger: Rayna James Being Killed Off?

It can be recalled that the latest episode aired for "Nashville" featured their lead character Rayna James (Connie Britton) at the verge of death with her life hanging on the balance at the end. Does this mean that her character is being killed off the show?

Recap Of "Nashville" Season 5 Episode 8: Rayna At The Verge Of Death?

A huge cliffhanger for last Thursday's episode of Nashville was featured when Rayna's life was threatened twice and more so at the end of the episode. In recollection, Rayna was dismayed when her stalker, Carl Hockney, was able to get out of jail due to a protective court order. He even showed up at her gate although still keeping 300 feet away from her as indicated and not break the law. In line with this, Rayna was feeling safer with her being surrounded by her security and the like. However, things went down the hill when Hockney appeared in her office as she arrived there, holding a knife.

Rayna was able to calm him down, telling him about their abusive fathers and saying that she understood how he felt. He was almost convinced of Rayna's gestures until she caught her dialing 911 on her phone. Thus, this is when he takes her hostage and holds the knife around her neck. Fortunately, her protective detail was able to rescue her. This was the first attempt of her life during the episode, but it ended with her being hit by a truck on her way home. With the promo of the next episode featuring her being identified in the hospital, rumors then started to spark that she was being killed off.

Connie Bitton Allegedly Only Signed For 10 Episodes In The Current Season Of "Nashville"

This only agitated the rumors even more when back in 2016, there have been speculations that actress Connie Britton who plays Rayna on "Nashville," only signed for 10 episodes in the current season. The actress was speculated to be part of another project, thus allegedly explaining her exit. And since the recent episode was still the eighth of the series, the fans will have to wait for three more episodes to find out if any of these rumors are true, unless otherwise confirmed.

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