‘Suits’ Season 6 Episode 15 Spoilers And Updates: Will Mike Become A Lawyer? Here Are Three Possible Things To Happen

In the previous episode of "Suits" season 6, Mike admitted to Oliver that he took the case of Velocity Solutions to get into the bar. All the while he made an impression that he is doing it for Oliver so he can regain his confidence. Meanwhile, Harvey discovered Craig Seidel's secret and uses it to help Mike pass his bar ethics interview. Episode 15 will see if Mike gets to be a lawyer.

In "Suits" season 6 episode 15, Harvey will ask Louis to help him in Mike's situation. However, it seems that things will fall apart at this point. The official synopsis for episode 15 is titled "Quid Pro Quo." The class action lawsuit for the miners handled by Mike will face an obstacle. However, there are other things that will be affected. In order to help Mike, it appears that Louis, Harvey, and Rachel will have to dirty their hands.

Meanwhile, there are three possible things that may happen to Mike in "Suits" season 6 episode 15. If not all three, at least one of these three can possibly take place and will affect Mike's acceptance in the bar. Here are the three possible scenarios:

1. Mike Will Be Unhappy With The Result

Whatever move Mike's allies will take, it is likely that Mike will be unhappy with the result. The teaser trailer for "Suits" season 6 episode 15 shows Mike talking with Rachel and Mike. He is heard saying that it's all over and that he is not going to be a lawyer. Probably, there is a new issue that will hinder Mike from being accepted by the bar.

2. Louis, Rachel, And Harvey Will Help Mike Pass The Bar Ethics Interview

The synopsis of "Suits" season 6 episode 15 says that the trio will get their hands dirtied. That could mean they are willing to go to any lengths just to help Mike. Harvey has promised Rachel that he will protect Mike.

3. Mike May Fail The Ethics Interview

Another statement in the synopsis of "Suits" season 6 episode 15 indicates that his class action suit will hit a snag. But it will not be the only thing that will be adversely affected. This indicates that he might fail his bar ethics interview.

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