'Dance Moms' Season 7B: Chloe Lukasiak Still Considers Going Back To ALDC After Abby Leaves The Show?

The huge revelation of Chloe Lukasiak's return on "Dance Moms" has inarguably created a frenzy among the series' fandom. After her mother, Christi, teased the truth behind the alum's return, fans are now getting a preview of how Chloe feels about returning to "Dance Moms" and her former coach, Abby Lee Miller.

In a new video promo for the two-part finale of "Dance Moms," Chloe and Christi were in a conversation where the duo discussed their return on the show. Christi sounds concerned of her daughter's decision to compete again, and reminds her how she made it big after "Dance Moms." The 15-year-old dancer though was persistent in saying that she wants to dance again, only this time she has to go against the ALDC.

"It's kinda who I am. That's who I grew up with. Before there was Clara, there was Nia and Paige and Mackenzie. I do miss them a lot," she can be heard saying in the clip. "Obviously when I go to competition this weekend, I really don't wanna see Abby or Gianna. We didn't really leave on good terms," she continued.

It can be recalled that Chloe had a bitter relationship with her former dance coach before she left "Dance Moms." Abby used to refer to her as a "washed up" dancer which Chloe addressed to when she won her Teen Choice Award in 2015. In her speech then, Chloe recounted how she was discouraged to continue her dance career and threw shade on Abby when she advised the audience to continue working on their dreams to prove themselves to those who do not believe in their abilities. Following this, many fans believed that she is returning to the series to get back at Abby.

Chloe though said previously that she means no harm to anyone in her former team. Christi though thinks that things might go differently if Abby is no longer on the show. From the clip, Chloe can be heard answering: "Maybe the federal government will help us with that." This statement of Chloe has prompted the fans to speculate Chloe's possible return to the ALDC once the court decides to oblige Abby to serve some prison time.

Chloe is now confirmed to be a part of the MDP as the jacket she was wearing in the photo previously posted by her mother was MDP's. It is theorized that she will be seen competing for the dance studio on "Dance Moms" season 7B since the season 7 finale will only feature her surprise visit with the ALDC team.

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