Final Fantasy XV Update: New Quests And More For Patch 1.05

Final fantasy XV is the newest patch for the game. Patch 1.05 was supposed to be scheduled on February 21 but Square Enix decided to release it much earlier this week. The latest update includes new quests, upgrades and much more.

Final Fantasy XV Latest Patch Includes New Timed Quests

The latest patch to the game includes a lot of new upgrades in the gameplay. However, according to PushSquare, It doesn't just include new quests and other in-game upgrades

Increased level cap is now made available. The level cap has now been increased from 99 to 120. Players can now grind and be as much prepared for the next enemy.

New timed quests are now available for players to enjoy. Not much is revealed regarding these quests, players will be able to understand this in the patch. Increased photo capacity for Prompto's camera. Players who love taking pictures in-game will be very happy in this new addition. You can now take more selfies and stills as theam go on their new quests.

Additional portable music in Chocobo rides will make players enjoy the rides a bit more than they already do. In line with Chocobo updates, players will also get the inclusion in the Moogle Chocobo event.

PlayStation 4 Pro users can now enjoy this game. With the latest patch, the game can know support 60 frames per second. Aside from this, various bug fixes are also available.

Final Fantasy XV Still Has More To Reveal

Square Enix is still planning to release more updates. Gematsu shares that they are still going to launch the "Booster Pack+" add-on on February 21. This booster will include "Dragon Mod" fishing rod, "Boost Sword" weapon and the "Aviol" reel.

The latest patch 1.05 of 'Final Fantasy XV' also includes new tracks for 'NieR Automata', the game's radio. The new tracks are "Wight of the World" and "Inishie no Uta / Unmei." The patch is now available to download for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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