Aaron Carter Attacked During Concert! 'Racist' Remark Angered Fellow Musician?

Aaron Carter recently addressed the issue about him getting attacked during a concert in Illinois. The 29-year-old singer is defending himself after a member of his opening act allegedly attacked him.

The Alleged Attacker Is A Fellow Musician

Carter was performing at Bradley, Illinois, Friday evening when another musician from his opening act, Ill State, allegedly attacked him, TMZ reported. Reports say that the Hispanic musician began grabbing phones from fans in the crowd and filming Carter on stage, and he was distracting him while he was trying to perform.

Carter noticed the disturbance and asked his security to remove the musician, Billboard said. But as the man was being dragged out, Carter said, "Bye Felipe," a take on "Bye Felicia." The man rushed back into the venue and attacked Carter and damaged his equipment, too.

Carter Assured Fans That He Is Not Racist

The singer was sent to the emergency room, and police are currently investigating. Carter took to Twitter to address the issue, and assured fans that he is not racist, contrary to what other reports say. He said that his band consists of black funk musicians and an Italian guitar player.

He also tweeted: "Chillen w my boys before I finally get to bed... hospitals suck. & so do bullies." This was accompanied by a photo of him, and he added: "My face is still pretty though and untouched." He also clarified that he did not get beaten up, but he got hit and pushed because he wasn't looking.

After some haters tweeted him, he said that he can only explain himself so much and wished his followers a good day. Carter also said that even after what happened, some people are still threatening to get him into "physical altercations." "Everything is good for right now, police are investigating," Carter concluded.

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