Funcom Decides To Region Lock 'Conan Exiles'

Funcom has a lot on its plate this month, as they release Conan Exiles on Early Access. At the start, Funcom had to deal with the game being pirated by hackers causing them server issues. As a result a whole lot of players are experiencing game instability. In line with this, Funcom, decides to add region blocking to their servers.

Funcom On Region Blocking

In an article by PC Games N, Jens Erik, Community Manager for Conan Exiles, said that, after a careful deliberation, Funcom has decided to apply an East/West region block on their servers, and that they did it because of three reasons. First, gamers are encountering a diverse community of players from different parts of the globe as a result, thus, creating language barrier. The second reason, players from different areas tend to have a different way of playing the game. This causes problems with fellow players. Lastly, the different time zones between regions has made offline raiding a big issue with players because they'd log in back into the game only to find out that their items and creations are either missing or destroyed.

What Does It Mean To The Players

According to PC Gamer, the East/West region block would mostly affect players from South America, Russia, and Asia as these region locks prevent players from these areas from accessing the official servers of Conan Exiles. On this matter, Erik states that Funcom realizes that there aren't much servers to support these places, and that they are hoping to put up servers sometime this week.

As a result of this region lock, players may experience the game crashing, as they log in to official servers. Erik clarifies that Funcom is aware of this problem, and is currently working on fixing it. He goes on to say that people need to keep in mind that the game is just new and since it is so, there will always be problems that need fixing.

At this point in time, there is no announcement yet regarding the date for the South America, Russia, and Asia servers to be operational. However, on a positive note, players from these areas can still play, but it would be on private servers.

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