LG G6 News, Updates: Flagship To Feature 125-Degree Wide Angle Rear Camera

The LG G6 is days away to be announced at the 2017 Mobile World Congress. However, there are already a handful of leaks and information of what to expect from this smartphone and more and more details are being revealed as the big event approaches. This time, it is about a 125-degree wide-angle rear camera.

What About The LG G6's Cameras?

According to Slash Gear, LG has released another LG G6 teaser that details the next flagship to have two 13 MP cameras on its rear end, in addition to another camera on the front side. The front camera features a 100-degree field of view, while the two cameras at the back offer a 125-degree angle. In regards to its rear cameras, one camera is said to work specifically to offer a wider view, which will allow for wider images.

Meanwhile, Ausdroid reported that aside from the wide-angle shots, the LG G6 will have a range of selfie filters included on its software. This will also allow its users to create a GIF directly from the gallery with the manual selection of images.

Not The Same With The Huawei P9 And iPhone 7 Plus

Although such implementation of a "dual camera system" could be thought as something similar to the Huawei P9 or Apple's iPhone 7 Plus, this is totally not the case. In Huawei P9 and iPhone 7 Plus, its dual camera setup were paired up with one full color sensor and another monochrome sensor, thus improving contrast and low light performance. As for the LG's dual camera system, one camera is used for taking regular angle shots, while the other camera is used for super wide-angle shots.

This was featured by LG on its LG G5 and LG V20 that were released last year. However, both of these phones came with a dual rear camera system with 16 and 8 MP, which is clearly not the case for the LG G6 since both sensors on the rear end are 13 MP.

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