Fallout 4 News: VR Version Still Under Development

Bethesda Softworks is still working for a Fallout 4 VR edition. There is a possibility that the game might be released this year. However, players should wait for any new announcements from the developer if there are any improvements for the upcoming game.

Last E3 2016, Bethesda has announced that they will develop a VR Fallout 4. However, almost a year had passed but the edition is not yet available. Todd Howard, director, explained that the team is currently having hard time finishing it.

Howard explained that the whole team is still perfecting the VR for the game when it comes to gameplay and locomotion, according to Gaming Bolt. On the other hand, Bethesda is happy with the V.A.T.S component of the Fallout 4 new edition.

Also, Bethesda is proud with the development of Fallout 4's VR edition. The developer are trying to figure out if they will follow FPS Arzona Sunshine's controls when it comes to gunplay. 

As per VG247, Bethesda is focusing on how to make teleportation warp for Fallout 4's VR edition. The whole team is trying to experiment on what should be added to make the game more exciting compared to its original game.

Even if Bethesda claims that the VR for Fallout 4 is not yet fully ready, players have an option to play the game. Of course, the developer is still solving some isues that might affect the entire gameplay.

Hopefully, Bethesda will finish Fallout 4's VR edition because loyal players are waiting for the new and improved game for quite some time. Also, the developer must polish everything before releasing the game because of the delays that had happened.

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