Just One Patch And Fallout 4 Is Done For Good

Fallout 4 had a great run, one that's going to be cemented on the halls of the gaming industry. While most fans would still love to see more of it, Bethesda seems to have finally decided. That it's time to pull the curtains down for one of the greatest games ever developed by the studio. It may be hard to chew down, but that's it for FO4.

It's no secret that Fallout 4 enters 2017 as a complete product, something that the studio has been telling about since day one. According to Express, the video game company won't be working on any brand new DLCs or contents for the game. However, there's a catch -- one that's worth looking forward to.

Bethesda has reportedly promised to support Fallout 4 via an upcoming patch. This one here, though, is intended for its PS4 Pro version. It's worth noting that such was first announced by the studio back in October last year, only that it was pushed back.

Apparently, this Fallout 4 patch could be a major one. That aside from the support feature for the PS4 Pro, the video game company is looking to bring massive stuff. But of course, as of this writing, it's hard to tell what exactly this patch will be.

The aforementioned Fallout 4 update isn't the latest entry to ongoing list of delayed updates. One is the PS4 mods being the most popular among these. It came, however, with lots of restrictions and got delayed. It isn't even that versatile as the ones on game's Xbox One and PC versions.

As previously reported here at iTech Post, one of the rumors behind Bethesda's decision to stop developing contents for Fallout 4 is the possible existence of The Elder Scrolls 6. That for the studio to focus on developing the new installment, they have to stop any developments or support toward the other title. There are rumors pointing to 2018 as the release window of the supposed The Elder Scrolls title.

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