UFC Update: 'Green Power Ranger' Jason David Frank Still Wants To Fight CM Punk

Jason David Frank, the original Green Power Ranger, has a seventh-degree black belt in karate, and is also an MMA fanatic. He recently joined the Primo Nutmeg podcast to talk about his interest in fighting former WWE Champion and current UFC fighter CM Punk.

According to Wrestling Rumors, Frank talked about a number of topics, but commented mostly about Punk. Punk has been controversial ever since his departure from WWE a few years ago, and Frank said that he has spoken to many fans and they want him to go one-on-one with "Voice of the Voiceless."

Frank's Desire To Fight Is More Than Just A Money Grab, He Said

Frank said that everybody who owns UFC wants him to fight Punk. He said that one way or another, he would like to get involved with WWE or UFC "just to please the fans." He insists that his desire to fight is more than a money grab, ComicBook said.

Frank also said how CM Punk is ranked 170 out of all current UFC fighters when it comes to salaries paid, and that's just for a single fight. He said that he likes Punk, but he would also like to show the world who really is the "Best in the World."

Frank vs Punk Is A Dream Match-Up For Many Fans

Currently, though, it is yet to be determined if Punk will fight in the UFC again. While this is like a dream match-up for a lot of fans, a lot of people think that Frank would win over Punk. Frank has a professional MMA record of 1-0, and a 4-0 record as an amateur. CM Punk's MMA record is 0-1.

When it comes to age, Frank is 43, while Punk is 38. However, Frank does not seem to mind that at all. " He's sitting there and calling me an old man, well hey, you're getting there too buddy, so I never thought he'd be in the UFC because UFC strives for perfection," Frank commented.

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