HIV Immune Booster Launched In Kenya

A Chinese medical practitioner has developed a herbal drug that he believes to be an effective HIV immune booster. He claims that it could also prevent other illness. Shengxun, who is a professor emeritus at Henan University of Traditional Chinese medicine launched the Tian Immunity Booster in Kenya. This is after 20 years of successful clinical trials in America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Tian Immunity Booster is manufactured through modern technology, carefully extracted compounds from 30 different herbs. The TIB could also be used as antibiotic and can cure infections connected to decreased immunity such as HIV. He also claims that the HIV Immune Booster clinical trial results show that it could stop HIV viral multiplication. The HIV Immune Booster blocks the fusion taking place between HIV/AIDS virus and immune T-cell.

Reliably, the most excellent way to handle HIV is to prevent or stop it from infecting healthy immune cells in the very early stage. The HIV Immune Booster is combined with a standard Anti-TB drugs. According to the clinical trials, most of the TB patients turned negative within three months of treatment. The researcher further explained that there are four types of sugar coated Tian Immunity Booster tablets. This contains the compounds extracted from 30 pure herbs.

According to the South China Morning Post, TIB products are blended inhibited destroying HIV virus from the beginning of infection. The HIV Immune Booster will block the fusion of HIV and CD4, HIV virus will die within 72 hours and prevent access to CD4 cells. TIB is claimed to be an effective and non-toxic HIV Immune Booster. It could restore normal immune system functions.

According to the Standard Digital, researchers claim that all of their TB patients who were undergoing the treatment showed speedy recovery from the time they started to take TIB. It is known that B along with HIV could lead to fatalities. Developing HIV Immune Booster may help reduce this death rate. Shengxun has been treating HIV Aids in Africa for the last 25 years. He explained that TIB products has been introduced to the Kenyatta National Hospital and the clinical results are remarkable. Patients started to show signs of better health conditions and symptoms such as coughing, fever and pain disappeared.

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