‘Big Bang Theory' Season 11 Spoilers: The Proposal That Everyone Is Talking About

Remember the time when Sheldon attempted to propose to Amy but Amy has a “boyfriend”? Well, it might happen in the upcoming episode of “Big Bang Theory” Season 11.

'Big Bang Theory' Issues

Prior to them airing the second half of Season 10, there were numerous rumors surrounding the show. It was stated in web magazines that most of the cast are having issues with their salary. Apparently, there was a rift between the production team, creative team and even the network. Those tensions grew stronger when some of the cast were “no show” in one of their meetings.Parsons and Cuoco already expressed their willingness to do more for the show. They’ve already renewed their contract and its good until Season 12.

Sheldon’s Proposal To Amy

The producer of the show also stated that they have already plans in the next two seasons. Molaro stated that they will try to at least create another plot or continue with an existing topic that doesn’t have any closure yet. With that said, is Molaro and team trying to set up the revival of the proposal of Sheldon Cooper? There’s no question that Sheldon Cooper’s proposal to Amy Farrah Fowler is one of the biggest segment fans are waiting for. They’ve already provided a glimpse last season 9 but the plan didn’t go too well.

Currently, Sheldon and Amy are living under one roof. They’ve spend all their first together and so far they are having a great time. Will they be able to change their vows after season 10? Or will they start it with a bang for season 11? These are just some of the questions fans are dying to wait for an answer. Hopefully, Molaro and his team will do it sooner than later.

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