'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Quinn Tries To Keep Her Secret; Ivy Spills The Beans To Brooke

"The Bold And The Beautiful" seems to be more intense than ever as it would feature a tense Quinn trying to hide her secrets from everyone. Sources revealed that Ivy already knew the plans of Ridge and Quinn but still keeps her mouth shut up until now.

'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Ivy Tries To Share Information To Brooke

According to sources, the upcoming episode of "The Bold and The Beautiful" would revolve around Quinn's secret and Ivy's desire to spill the beans to her friends. It can be recalled that Quinn and Ridge have been planning something that everyone doesn't know. And despite their plan's secrecy, Ivy knew about their secrets but kept herself quiet for the longest time. However, news admitted that the character couldn't help but to share the information to Brooke. Could this a be clear indicator that Ivy and Quinn's friendship is already over?

Rumors suggest that Ivy would be having a hard time as to where she would put her loyalty. And despite the shocking revelations, she still loves Quinn as her friend and she is battling it out if she would allow Brooke to marry Ridge without the knowledge of her future husband's issue. Ivy is also struggling with her decision as she also loves her uncle Eric. With this, fans are speculating that Quinn's alibis would be enough for Ivy to keep everything as a secret.

'The Bold And The Beautiful' News And Updates: Quinn Admits Desperate Measures To Be In Control

Moreover, the upcoming episodes would also feature Quinn doing drastic measures to cover up all the issues against her. Fans thought that the character could do everything as she already did that before.

With this, viewers are speculating that Ivy might be in danger as Quinn always thinks of herself only.

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