Former '19 Kids And Counting' Star Joy-Anna Duggar Already Engaged At Age 19?

Joy Anna-Duggar is allegedly getting married soon as recent rumors surface about her supposed engagement with a fresh lover, Austin Forsyth. Fans of the Duggars are seemingly making a big deal out of the recent photos of the family released online. Joy-Anna is allegedly hiding her ring finger to conceal the fact that she is already engaged.

According to recent reports, the "19 Kids and Counting" stars celebrated Valentine's Day together where Austin is said to throw a marriage proposal. Several photos from the said get together caught the attention of the fans as Joy-Anna has reportedly been hiding her ring finger. The family's followers were then quick to assume that the 19-year-old reality star already received her engagement ring from Austin.

Contrary to the rumors swirling, though, there were also photos reportedly from the same event where the lady Duggar's ring finger was seen bare. Another point believed to debunk such rumors is the fact that Jim Bob and Michelle implemented courtship rules in their family which the couple reportedly agreed to follow. Also, fans loyal to the family believe that the family should have made announcements by now if an engagement between the young lovers really transpired on Valentine's Day. It is then safe to assume that these engagement talks are mere speculations.

It can be recalled that Joy-Anna and Austin announced their courtship in November 2016. The duo hinted on getting married soon but assured that it will happen at the right time. This has reportedly made Jim Bob and Michelle delighted as the Duggars are known for their strict Baptist values. Fans also know that the adult Duggars wanted their children to go through their courtship rules which they expect to end up in marriage.

The Duggar parents though have been seen chaperoning the new couple as Joy-Anna is only 19. Previous reports also noted that the two are willing to observe the Duggars' courtship rules and will get married when they reach the right age and after they are finished with school.

In a previous interview with the couple, Joy-Anna and Austin expressed their deep affection for each other but also said that they are still enjoying their courtship. Joy-Anna also did not comment much on the progress of her relationship with Austin but said that she is excited to see what the new year has in store for them.

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